I never gave that concept much thought, I like things, I buy them, end of story. It’s after I am forced to confront them, often when moving house (something I loathe) that I begin to understand what that really means. Boxes of books I never finished reading, games I never finished playing, clothes that I […]

I’m hardly a natural thrill seeker or risk taker, but when people talk with concern about flying, or how some countries or cities are more dangerous than others, I think, so what? The worst that could happen is I could die. So what, I will take that any day of the week over being too […]

Preceded by Such a perfect day: Part 3. Views, Vernazza & Vindictiveness There are thresholds we pass in life, some of them physical and some of them metaphorical. Sometimes you know you are crossing a border as it happens, in others you only realize it on reflection in how far you have come. Stepping off […]

I will never understand the how quickly the leap from being one of the wide eyed touristico to resenting them, I would find myself crossing the street to avoid them and only speaking Italian around them, saying "Mi scusi, mi scusi" to get past. What if travelers tales of grumpy inhabitants are actually interactions with tourists gone rogue?

Preceded by Such a perfect day: Part 1. Pain, Panini’s & Porto Venere The Siberian and I bid farewell to the beautifully ancient Porto Venere as the ferry rounded the magnificent outcrop where the Church of St Peter stood. We were still no closer to deciding which town to spend our two-hour stop over in. […]