With most things we tend to make emotional decisions and not practical ones, especially when it comes to what we bring with us. Instinctively we want to take everything we own with us, “It was good enough for me to buy, why wouldn’t I need it?” I ask myself. Its only when I give it […]

The Riviera was disappearing behind me as the train station in Pisa closed in. This time in Pisa it would just be to swap trains and continue to Florence. I wrestled my 125L Jeep wheeled duffel onto the platform, at least it was light if unwieldy. I then helped the Siberian with her suitcase full […]

  When it comes to baggage of any kind the best thing you can do is travel light. All those things you think you need to hang on to or bring just in case, you can do without. I found out on my trip to Italy sensible packing is a must. When shopping for luggage […]