Portugal is a country that has much history in all aspects of its culture, most visibly it’s buildings are in varying stages of ruin, restoration and conservation. Despite Portugal’s tough economic times, real effort is being put into the ongoing preservation of the cultural identity of their cities. It got me thinking how drastic the […]

Calouste Gulbenkian the Armenian early 20th century oil magnate, dubbed Mr 5% for his habit of retaining a 5% share in companies he developed, spent his last decade living in Lisbon after World War 2. So taken was he with his adopted city, he willed much of his extensive collection of Art, Antiques and archeology […]

One thing I was told by everyone I met in or talked about Portugal with was to try the legendary Pastel De Belem. Portugal’s pastries are world-renowned and can easily challenge any of  the finest in Europe. Within the first 48 hours I had tried one of Portugal’s Pastel de Nata, which is in essence […]