There is something deliciously exotic about flying Emirates. It’s an easy airline to love. (keep being awesome and I’ll keep promoting you!)

Even the cabin of the aircraft has a spicyness to it that hints of the adventures ahead. I recognize the smell from Dubai airport, although it was something that permeated the air not just some canned scent and made me feel I was on planet Arrakis from the dune novels.
Hints of sweet dates, figs, honey, cinnamon and the earthy tones of cumin, turmeric and paprika.


The cabin crew are always attentive and smartly dressed. Something about the Emirates red, beige and gold worked into their uniforms really makes their brand (as wanky as it sounds) come alive. I was a customer service manager the better part of 7 years and as an agent for another 18 months before that. Corporate doublespeak aside, I know how important an engaging customer experience is .
If it makes you feel welcome and a part of that experience, surprise surprise you are going to share that experience with others, that was in essence what I facilitated for a living. So it’s nice when I see it being employed first hand.

Anyway first dinner for the flight is served, I feel like a hobbit with the amount of meals that are served on long hauls.
Quick stop in Melbourne, and by booking with Emirates directly and moving seats whenever anyone was seated next to me I have scored a whole row to myself for the arduous Melbourne to Dubai leg of the trip. #travelhacks