Firstly there is no right way or wrong way to travel (with a caveat on travel safety of course). That said however this is my personal travel doctrine viewed through my unique lens. Other than passing on useful information, entertaining you with my writing and travel philosophy, I really wanted to share the core concept […]

Portugal is a country that has much history in all aspects of its culture, most visibly it’s buildings are in varying stages of ruin, restoration and conservation. Despite Portugal’s tough economic times, real effort is being put into the ongoing preservation of the cultural identity of their cities. It got me thinking how drastic the […]

I never gave that concept much thought, I like things, I buy them, end of story. It’s after I am forced to confront them, often when moving house (something I loathe) that I begin to understand what that really means. Boxes of books I never finished reading, games I never finished playing, clothes that I […]