Firstly there is no right way or wrong way to travel (with a caveat on travel safety of course). That said however this is my personal travel doctrine viewed through my unique lens. Other than passing on useful information, entertaining you with my writing and travel philosophy, I really wanted to share the core concept […]

I discover the live fusion of Django Reinhardt, bluegrass and Fado at the El Sol Jazz Club in Sevilla’s Alameda De Hercules. El Sol is a tiny jazz club just at the beginning of the Alameda De Hercules District, filled with Tapas restaurants, bars and clubs. I immediately noticed the guitarist and double bassist on […]

I thought I knew what to expect from Flamenco. Very quickly I had to forget my preconceptions. Being fed on a steady diet of stereotypes from Tv and Movies led me to expect some foot tapping, castanets, fancy fretboard finger work and some dusky vocals. Within moments the intensity of the vocalist and the fury […]

Already 3 months of my journey has flown by and the number of things that I have experienced has outpaced my ability to present them with the level of rich detail they deserve. I am currently in Seville, Andalusian Spain but I have yet to catch up and document fully on Porto, Portugal. I would […]