Already 3 months of my journey has flown by and the number of things that I have experienced has outpaced my ability to present them with the level of rich detail they deserve.

I am currently in Seville, Andalusian Spain but I have yet to catch up and document fully on Porto, Portugal. I would love to say my output slowed because of constant drinking and international playboy lifestyle, but sadly no. The truth is often more mundane and biological.

It was a combination of catching a cold, gastrointestinal stabilization and some bone chilling weather knocking me around and slowing my output in Porto. Nonetheless it is a fantastic city with a more relaxed atmosphere to Lisbon and the sheer volume of photos and content from there will take a little while to append and upload.



I will also review the free Apps I use everyday that I have found invaluable while traveling.

If I was taking the easy route I would be VidBlogging, talk into a camera selfie style for 5 minutes and hit upload to youtube.
apologies if I just insulted your craft, I know if it were easy everyone would be doing it, oh…

Even at my absolute laziest output there are a minimum of 300 or so words that have a well constructed, hopefully entertaining narrative and a number of photos, every one of which has been carefully selected and edited before being formatted and uploaded.

Never fear however more content is on its way and I am also writing for my other blog Some days I feel the need to escape into some comic books or movies for a while and that’s what I will write about. I am also 3 chapters away from finishing my short story which clamping to a tight 7500 words is presenting the biggest challenge.



So three months later and am I sick of it all yet and ready to go home?
Not. Even. Close. I feel at home every time I see something that stretches my horizons just that much further into the distance. I feel less of a tourist and more of a resident wherever I go now.

Village idiot perhaps, but resident regardless. The slower approach of decompressed travel agrees with me. Rushing to meet deadlines at work wasn’t enjoyable why should I be doing the same with a travel situation I am in control of?


Not having an absolute plan allows me to pivot and change direction as required too. I was planning on spending my last month at the bottom of Portugal in Lagos in the Algarves. People I mentioned it to were of the same opinion “Well if you like desolated beaches in winter it might be your thing…”

So I pivoted and stayed longer in Porto, visiting Aviero the Venice of Portugal and the Castles of Guimarães.
When my 3 months in Portugal were up I decided to go to Sevilla, Spain from Porto, Portugal, as the Andalusia was a place I felt I had to see first in Spain before visiting another large capital city.



My vague plan after Sevilla was going to Valencia for a month before Barcelona. But my Spanish AirBnB hosts told me Valencia has a great beach, in summer. But in terms of being occupied for a month with things to do, Madrid would be better. So now armed with local knowledge I feel more confident making Madrid my next stop.

It’s this insider knowledge of a city or country that is the travelers real currency.