I discover the live fusion of Django Reinhardt, bluegrass and Fado at the El Sol Jazz Club in Sevilla’s Alameda De Hercules.

El Sol is a tiny jazz club just at the beginning of the Alameda De Hercules District, filled with Tapas restaurants, bars and clubs.


I immediately noticed the guitarist and double bassist on setting foot in the club. They were playing that quick-fire type of Jazz that I associated with the theme of the Ren and Stimpy cartoon. They were really good. So I had no choice but to grab a beer, pull up a seat at the front and settle in.

The duo was then joined by a Violinist and alternated between a young but talented guitarist and an old veteran in his 60s, announced as one of the respected local greats.


Normally I would get overly descriptive with the experience but in this case I will shut up and let the music speak for itself.
I recorded it with the voice memo app on my Iphone 6 plus, surprising me with how well it turned out.


The Voice memo app I will never use again however as it is so proprietary with its file transfer options making sharing large files next to impossible without trimming to multiple files.
I did have to run it through Fruity Loops mobile to add back in some of the frequencies that were lost. But all in all I’m glad I have something to share and something to remember of the experience.


After the end of their set I was a devoted fan of Swing music and intend to try seek out Jazz clubs in every city I visit.
By this stage I was in the swing of being a Sevillian.