From that clever title you may be expecting a Sci Fi article, well it’s the closest most of us get to experiencing a situation when everything just feels so wrong. Up is down, left is right, midday is midnight.
(Definition of wrong is between you, your deities and local law enforcement.)

The only thing weirder than flying against the dateline is flying with it.
You have stretched days and seemingly endless nights. Even if you get sleep, you find yourself in a weird limbo where you don’t know what time it is or even what day. It makes no sense to your expectation of what it should be.

Dubai Airport

Stairway to heaven, well to the foodcourt anyway

I find myself getting more clumsy than usual, thoughts a little more sluggish than usual and the only thing that will so some ways to remedying the situation is a long shower and an even longer sleep.

I liken the experience of decompressing from 30 hours plus flying long haul to Shawshank Redemptions Andy DuFrense crawling through a metaphorical river of crap and coming out clean the other side although with marginally less prison shenanigans. (experience may differ carrier dependent.)

Jet lag is a combination of things, the havoc pressurization at high altitudes plays with your body. Often long stretches of discomfort, sleep deprivation and stress positions that would have you telling your interrogators what they wanted to hear if you weren’t doing it to yourself voluntarily.

Remedies are just as hit and miss but “earthing” yourself with a long shower or a walk on some grass in bare feet seems to help.

Then comes the narcolepsy. There is nothing more frightening for me than the uncontrollable urge to sleep. The good news is after 12-14 hours of that you are almost in synch with the time zone and ready to do some exploring like I am now.